8 06 2010

I just start to write this article in English because of my feeling to be a bit more international than before. 🙂 However, like everybody knows, rainy-season started last month to take place in Thailand. There are only three different seasons in this region. Hot, hotter and wet (hot included). It is not too bad because it only rains about 2 hours, at my workplace every day, in Pattaya not more than 2 days per week. As well temeprature cools down about 5 degrees and the sticky “big-city-air” gets clean again. Just now a heavy thunderstorm started including masses of rain. The water is rising up to five centimeters in the streets and it looks like it will never stop again…I tried to do take some photographs from my balcony. Never seen so much rain in Germany before! Just have a look!

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23 06 2010

Leider sieht man den Regen nicht so gut, aber man kann es erahnen, weil die Bäume (und Palmen natürlich ^^ ) sich ziemlich winden und scheinbar unter den starken Beschuss leiden.
Vor allem gefällt mir der coole Spoiler vom getunten Auto in der Ecke 😉

Wenigstens regnet es nur abends, oder?

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